LGBT – Are they acceptable by GOD?

LGBT acceptable by GOD

Some religions may completely oppose the existence of LGBTs while others treat them with restrictions. Lets try to find out what options do they have when it comes to their chance of love with Almighty GOD. Are LGBTs acceptable by GOD?

The Background

LGBT’s have existed since the dawn of civilization(read wikipedia). At various times, societies and governments have treated them differently. The religious clique in particular has been very harsh on them. This trend continues till date. While some people belonging to particular religions openly admit that LGBTs should not exist, others have also left less space for their spiritual growth.

The Problem

To begin with, the problem lies with the religions itself and not with LGBTs. That is why I have written an article on why religion is not required. People want to govern/control others according to some books, which are believed to be the books from GOD(hope you know the ones I am talking about). Same goes for the various books written by humans who are not a part of LGBTs. This is like writing a book about a topic which you don’t understand. Someone who is not a LGBT is not eligible to frame laws for them because he or she doesn’t understand what it is like to be one of them. With this limited knowledge people from various sections have created a taboo that LGBTs cannot meet GOD.

The Reality

Meeting or Loving GOD has nothing to do with Gender. This is because GOD is genderless. Neither it is male nor it is female. So the claim on ownership of Almighty is equal for both LGBTs and non LGBTs. The only thing that matters is love. If you are in love with almighty their is no one on the planet who can hinder your togetherness. Leave LGBTs ,even the worst of the prostitutes can meet almighty. The only condition is Love. So the question may arise, do I need to belong to a particular religion or faith for having love with GOD. The simple answer for this question is NO. This is because GOD has no religion. So you may be anything, if you have love for GOD , surely you can be one with it. So no need to worry that whether LGBTs are acceptable by GOD? You are totally acceptable .

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