Is Religion really necessary?

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A very obvious question that arises in mind when one talks about spirituality is, Religion. Is religion really required? Is it the ultimate thing available to mankind or Humans are better without it?

To begin with, I would like to negate the idea that religion is required. Now , leaving religion behind , what is left for humans? This is because more than 70% of the world’s population adhere to some faith. Some choose it as an entity inherited from family while others just follow it for the sake of society. Only the rarest of the rare ever try to question why is it required?

Various religions have also lured humans by providing benefits of being religious. Some promise to give a place in heaven after death while others provide salvation from reincarnation. The weak on the other side find it comfortable to seek the support of Almighty. Others just want their wishes be fulfilled by that invisible entity called GOD. But is it just about getting things from Almighty? Is it just give and take business(in fact more take)? If so , then atheists stand on a better ground than the believers.

Mine is better than yours problem

If you have ever come across a debate among people of two different religions, you might have noticed that both of them try to prove their religion being better than the other’s. This stupidity of proving superiority over others has led to many catastrophic outcomes. See the wars that have happened over religion(let me not quote their names). Lets say the claim over Jerusalem is still debated. In another instance, a mosque was desecrated just to build a temple(hope you know the name of the country). The only reason behind this is Religion. So which GOD is liking its fellow beings fighting for superiority? Isn’t everyone the child of that same Almighty? If yes, then what is the point of fighting. Haven’t their been any religion their couldn’t have been such nonsense occurring around the globe.

Promoting uniformity, Impeding diversity

Nowadays, a lot is being talked about creating a society with same religious beliefs. Many will tell about the benefits of the same. Many countries want people of a particular faith out of their territory. In some countries majority has crippled the life of minorities. In both cases religious fanaticism is responsible. Heinous crimes are committed throughout the world in the shadow of religion. Some even want the population of a particular faith to be maximum. With that, they dream of ruling the world. But is ruling the world an act of a spiritual person? The same goes for the ones who seem to be already in maximum numbers. Ruling world on the basis of a particular religion may not be a very astounding idea. But again, many dream of achieving the same.

The Conclusion

If I continue to write, I can put many more reasons for not following a religion and why humans are better without it. On the contrary, their are multiple reasons for following a religion and why humans need it. The only difference lies in the perspective that is making you follow or unfollow a particular faith. If it is for your self upliftment , you are on the right path. If you actions are not hurting the common good of humanity, you may go ahead. But if ones religious actions (let it be any) are bringing suffering to the fellow humans of GOD almighty, its better to unfollow that path.

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